Where to next?

This is what we’re asked by many people and the reason why our clients chose Hayes Knight.

Our clients know we are good at the fundamentals – accounting, tax compliance, and audit – but they come to us because not only are we good at the fundamentals, we have the expertise to help them identify, structure, and secure, their future … their next step.



China: Opportunities, Investment & Appetite

There has been a lot of discussion about China lately – the Free Trade Agreement, financial stability and growth and the impact on the Australian economy, and Chinese investment in Australia. With the help of Paul Wan, Director of Paul Wan & Co, part of our international affiliation of accounting firms, we take an insider’s view of China and its impact on Australia.

According to Austrade, one in every three Australian export dollars earned is from sales of goods and services to China. On top of that, 80 % of the value of Australia’s export growth in 2013-14 was from trade with China. It’s not surprising then that we have a fixation with the welfare and continued consumption of Australian goods and services by China and China’s rising influence on the Australian economy…  MORE

Business structures and restructures: Is your structure working against you?

Many business owners don’t realise that the business has outgrown its structure until something comes up – and this something is usually something negative.

Are your assets at risk? Legal action by employees, customers and suppliers as well as divorce are the two primary risk issues for many business operators. If you have been operating as a sole trade or as a partner in a partnership or have simply been holding all business assets in a single entity, your structure may not provide sufficient asset protection.

If any personal assets or valuable assets of the business are held in the same entity which carries on the trading operations of the business, those assets may be at risk.

To protect your assets it is generally preferable to separate as many valuable assets as possible from the trading operations...   MORE

Hayes Knight Director Greg Hayes Wins Prestigious Accounting Award

Greg Award 1Hayes Knight Director Greg Hayes has won the prestigious AccountantsDaily ’Editor’s Choice’ Award at the 2015 Australian Accounting Awards.

The winner, selected by the editor of AccountantsDaily from the pool of finalists, is bestowed on the professional the editor believes to be “…passionate and unafraid to speak their mind publicly and eloquently on the issues that matter.”

Mr Hayes, who was also a finalist of the 2015 ’Thought Leader of the Year’ Award, is a well known and sought after spokesman on the issues affecting the profession and the businesses they represent. ..   MORE