Where to next?

This is what we’re asked by many people and the reason why our clients chose Hayes Knight.

Our clients know we are good at the fundamentals – accounting, tax compliance, and audit – but they come to us because not only are we good at the fundamentals, we have the expertise to help them identify, structure, and secure, their future … their next step.


Business Transformation Series – Watch us on Sky

Helping business owners improve their business is always uppermost in our minds.

That’s why we’re involved in the business Transformation Series premiering on Sky Business this weekend.

The Transformation Series brings to life the stories of three business owners as they undergo intensive coaching to transform their business.

Greg Hayes, Director of Hayes Knight (NSW) and Chairman of the Hayes Knight Group, is one of four judges deciding their fate.

This series puts business owners under the spotlight and forces them to confront the real fundamentals of their business

It’s worth watching.

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Greg Hayes plays the 'tough judge' throughout the 6 week series

Greg Hayes plays the ‘tough judge’ throughout the 6 week series