Pathway to Wealth Briefing

Pathway to Wealth Briefing

Thursday, 1 November 2018 at 6.30pm ~ Swissotel, Sydney

Almost everyone wants to build wealth but most people don’t ever get around to starting.

If you’re in that 28 to 50 age group, you’ve probably got a mortgage, some super, and some equity in your home. But how do you make it all work to build your future without being a slave to it?

Wealth creation isn’t complex … but it’s not easy either, unless you have a plan.

I would love you to join me at the Swissotel on 1 November for our pathway to wealth briefing where we share our strategies with you (watch the overview).

What we’ll cover…

  • How to pay off your mortgage and build wealth at the same time
  • Why we invest
  • How property, shares and super all have a part to play
  • 10 Reasons people don’t achieve financial success
  • 7 Steps to achieving wealth
  • 4 Keys to a successful wealth management plan
  • The planning process
  • A case study: Build an extra $1m over 15 years through a combination of achievable moves

We’ll walk you through these steps and the strategies involved.

We invite you to extend this invitation to family members and friends who may be keen to discover what the wealth building journey involves.

Presented by 

Rob McGregor

Rob’s Pathway to Wealth program achieved recognition as a 2009 Finalist of the Asset Innovation Awards hosted by the Australian Financial Review.

Dates & Details

Thursday, 1 November 2018
6.15pm for a 6.30pm start
Drinks & Canapes @ 7.30pm
Swissotel, Sydney


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or contact Matt Pack directly on
Tel: 02 9221 6666

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