#Save3Lives – Hayes Knight join Red25

Hayes Knight has joined the Red25 program – the Australian Red Cross blood service’s initiative to secure 25% of Australia’s blood donations through regular giving.

The first group donation went well and the cookie was worth every second!

Blood Bank 1Thanks to the Red Cross team in Elizabeth Street for making it so easy.

One of the Hayes Knight team started giving blood decades ago when her friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. On the ferry home that night, she looked up at the sign across from her and saw an advertisement calling for blood donations.  Clearly the universe wanted her to contribute so she took herself off to the blood bank the next day.

For the rest of us, we just think that if you can make a positive difference, you should.

Giving blood makes a very real and tangible contribution. Over one third of blood donations help treat people with cancer and blood diseases. Another 18% is for surgical patients. 2% is for trauma victims.

Donating blood only takes about 45 mins to an hour (only around 15 minutes of that is the giving blood part). And, you can do it every 12 weeks.

Check if you are eligible to donate blood here.


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