Lisa Armstrong

Non-Executive Director


The Managing Director of Knowledge Shop Pty Ltd, Lisa specialises in knowledge management and the commercial realisation of the value of knowledge (which is a fancy way of saying she takes good ideas and finds new ways to utilise them).

She has been a vital part of the launch and development of Hayes Knight’s entrepreneurial companies: Knowledge Shop;  and financial planning company, Merit Wealth.

With a background in marketing communications and issues management, Lisa came to Hayes Knight in 2000 to build the Hayes Knight brand profile and develop their product suite.

Lisa has extensive experience with business groups and issues management.  Prior to working with Hayes Knight she was the Communications Manager for CPA Australia responsible for taxation at a time when Australia was debating the merits of the GST and a raft of business tax reforms.  She was also the Public Affairs Adviser for the Embassy of Israel in Canberra during the Rabin/ Arafat peace process.

Lisa thrives in environments where new and bold ideas are part of the culture and helps give these ideas momentum.



  • Managing Director, Knowledge Shop Pty Ltd
  • Director, Hayes Knight (NSW) Pty Ltd



  • BA Communications (UC)


Favourite line from a movie


“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

Rhett Butler, Gone with the Wind