Our clients seek us out to provide accurate, high quality, audit and assurance services.

They remain with us because of the personal interaction with senior team members and our ability to make the audit relevant to their business.

We provide audit & assurance solutions and openly communicate our observations and conclusions with your management team.

Whether you represent a public company, corporation (either in Australia or globally), union, or not-for-profit, we can help you with a broad suite of audit & assurance services:

  • Financial statement audits
  • Due diligence and risk assessment
  • Forensic accounting
  • Internal audit
  • Internal systems reviews
  • Audit of prospective financial information
  • Trust account audits

Our global affiliations through Morison Global mean that we can manage and co-ordinate your audit requirements seamlessly almost anywhere in the world.

Contact Hayes Knight Audit and we will organise a time to have an initial conversation about your requirements.  The scope of work is the most important so everyone needs to be clear about what is being covered and achieved.  We will work through this with you to ensure that key risk areas are covered.

Vincent Poon Director Audit Services

Financial Statement Audit

Do it once and do it right

A financial statement audit is an opinion on whether your financial reports are prepared, in all material respects, in accordance with an applicable financial reporting framework. What varies from audit to audit is not what has to be done, but how it’s done, and this is where Hayes Knight Audit can make all the difference.

Our audit professionals are thinkers, not just form fillers. With:

  • Efficient and modern audit processes
  • Dependable and long term staff (yes, you will see them next year), and
  • An ongoing discussion with our Audit Directors and senior managers

We take a constructive approach to our audits.  Our planning process avoids surprises or uncomfortable situations by managing issues upfront rather than during the audit.  And, during your audit, our Directors and senior managers maintain an ongoing discussion with you about your audit work, its progress, issues, and improvement opportunities.

Risk Management & Corporate Governance

Having a framework and systems that are designed to protect your business is essential.

Effective risk management and corporate governance will not only help to protect your business, they should also enhance operations and efficiency.  And, as the business grows, it’s requirements change.  

We can start from the beginning and design your risk management system and corporate governance, or we can review what is in place and recommend enhancements.  

Risk management and corporate governance are a continuing focus of every good business.