The tax system is increasingly complex and intricate. We can help you make sense of what it means and the choices available to you.

“Due to our high standards and specialised expertise, Nursing Group need an accounting service that operates at that same high level. Hayes Knight continually guides and strengthens our processes in our accounts department and they are always timely in their own practices.”

Mary Casey
Nursing Group Pty Ltd

Hayes Knight understand the impact of the tax system on you and your business. We understand the intricacies of a complex tax system and can make that knowledge make sense.

When it comes to tax and reporting requirements you want to work with people who are approachable and knowledgeable. Being approachable is important to us and is key to making sure we work together, as a team.

There’s nothing worse that never being able to contact your accountant!

We will:

  • Identify what is important to you;
  • Let you know when there is a potential problem; and
  • Work with you to improve the management of your tax and accounting obligations.

All in a practical and efficient way.

If specialist advice is required to manage specific problems or planning, our experienced Tax Advice & Strategy team can assist.

And, we also offer a range of specialist services in Business Valuation, Succession, Business strategy, Audit & Assurance, and SMSF advice.

Accounting & Operating Systems

Your accounting systems need to provide more than just your base compliance requirements.

Your systems need to be right for the size of your business today, and if you are growing quickly, also right for tomorrow.

The right accounting systems create efficiency in compliance, a valuable information source, and form a part of your risk management system.

Hayes Knight can advise you on how to best evolve your systems over time.

There are a range of ways we can work with you depending on your needs

  • Australian Subsidiaries of Foreign Companies or Outbound Australian Companies

    Hayes Knight can work across borders to seamlessly integrate with parent company requirements.

  • Private & Family Businesses

    Generally, we manage tax and accounting compliance for private and family business clients as part of a broader suite of services. Typically, we would take care of your business tax and financial reporting requirements, and your personal needs. This way, we maintain the consistency of outcomes across multiple entities.

  • Large Businesses

    We can manage your full compliance needs or work with your internal accountants to review and oversee your obligations.

  • Risk Reviews

    Identify your business's risk exposure and where you can take corrective action before the ATO does it for you

Risk Reviews

Over time, a systemic problem or incorrect tax treatment can add up to a lot of outstanding tax, potential penalties and interest. Just because the regulators have not picked up on a problem doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

The more complex your business – multiple entities, interaction with foreign companies, complex family groups, heavy use of contractors – the more likely you will attract attention.

We’ll work with you to:

  • Identify the compliance risk areas in your business
  • Provide solutions or ways to manage or mitigate those risks
  • Choose the right candidate when recruiting to reduce future risks

The treatment of GST on transactions and contracts, capital gains tax on the sale of assets, fringe benefits tax, how and what deductions are being claimed, superannuation guarantee, and payroll tax are all potential problem areas.

There is a lot that can go wrong and you don’t want an ATO audit to be the time you first discover these issues.

Contact Craig Rosen or Stephen Maze to understand how a risk review can protect your business.

Corporate Secretarial

Reporting to regulators, recording director and shareholder resolutions, and maintaining mandatory company records all fall within the Corporate Secretarial requirements.

If you do not have an Officer of the company who is experienced and tasked with this responsibility then it may be easier to engage us to care for these requirements.  The company and its officers are required by law to maintain certain records.  Best to get it right the first time, and every time.

Outsource & Payroll Services

If your business does not have in-house accounting personnel and you need an effective solution for the maintenance of accounts and payroll services, then we can provide this for you.

We structure our services to meet the size and needs of your business.  We can provide all of your internal accounts capability under a single engagement.


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